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‘Sunday Reflections’ are at 10.00 am. As in the Autumn last year, this will be very different and may seem strange and quite unlike worship as we have known it prior to lockdown. We have called these times by a different name to reflect this differing approach to how we share together in church. We have set up a dedicated email account for bookings – Bookings will open at 9am on the Monday prior to the Sunday in question and bookings will be taken for ONE SUNDAY AT A TIME. However, if a Sunday is over- subscribed, those unsuccessful will be offered first refusal for a subsequent Sunday.

Our online Circuit Service will continue so please join us by Clicking here, the following Services are also available online.


From Our Church Music Group!

"Amazing Grace my chains have gone. .  ."

A very warm welcome to Lichfield Methodist Church, we are a friendly church, sharing the heart of Jesus with our local community and beyond. As part of our Outreach we have produced a video entitled What’s the Gospel? to view please click on this link.

We have a range of varied activities throughout the week, as well as on Sundays which will be advertised on the web site.

Just click on any of the menu tabs on the left hand side of your screen for detailed information.

We are a very active church with worship and weekday activities for all ages. 
On Sunday services are normally at:- 
9:00 am, 10:30 am and 6:30 pm. (Please note during August the joint morning services will be at 10:00).  Please check the “What’s On” or the “Circuit Plan” tabs for any changes. Our music varies from traditional Organ to a very talented worship band.

The Church Centre building has small and large rooms which are available for hire and you can view some of the rooms by clicking here.

Our Coffee Shop operates within the Church Centre on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturdays generally between 10:00-12:00 for coffee and snacks.

The Methodist Church runs a national "Live at Home" scheme and an office operates from our church, further details can be found here.

As part of our outreach we hold numerous events and concerts, to find more information about all that goes in our church including service times, please click "What's On" at the top of the page.

We, the Church Council of Lichfield Methodist Church want to publicly recognise a Climate and Environmental Emergency, and commit ourselves to:

1. Our church: will celebrate Special Sundays relating to caring for God’s earth (e.g. Climate Sunday, Environment Sunday, Rogation Sunday etc.); 

2. Examining our lives individually and corporately in relation to this crisis, and seeking to live faithfully to God;

3. To take action with the Eco-Church survey and its award process to assist our thinking and action towards achieving a Gold Award. This approach will help us as church community, both corporately and as individuals, to minimise our negative impact on the environment and climate and to help restoration where possible;

4. Encouraging our members to make relevant lifestyle changes appropriate to their circumstances;

5. Encouraging action on this emergency in our neighbourhoods, workplaces and other spheres of activity;

6. Using whatever influence we may have to bring about positive actions by local and national government and by corporations.

7. We believe these actions must be underpinned by a commitment to justice both within our nation and towards other nations, particularly those who are poorer.

In 2019 a Climate Change group was inaugurated. The group decided to register interest in Eco Church and work towards its goals (https://www. There are 3100 churches throughout the UK signed up to this programme of change. 

Action has been taken by members of the Eco Church Action Group to engage an electricity supplier with a ‘Green tariff’. We use LED lightbulbs. The church coffee shop practices are positively aimed at sustainable methods and reducing waste. The church office uses only recycled paper and promotes its use by individuals. Our young people’s groups have mounted a litter-pick in the city. They have also raised money for the charities that work for justice in parts of the world that are seriously affected by climate change e.g. Water Aid.

Special services have been held to promote caring for God’s earth and focusing on food production and the effect on our carbon footprint. Individual members have lobbied the local MP about climate change. Meetings have been held to promote the local authority’s efforts to get households to recycle and cut waste. We have a link to Transition Lichfield( which has the aim of encouraging residents of the city to progress towards a zero carbon, sustainable future.

We are encouraging individual members to work with a carbon footprint calculator to reduce their       personal carbon footprint We suggest for individual action you calculate your own carbon footprint:

• estimate your footprint for the last 12 months (or the last calendar year);

• set a target for a reduction of at least 10% in the next year, and then a reduction of at least 10% in each subsequent year.

Two useful websites for making the calculations are as follows   and   

Heritage tab: We have produced a number booklets on History of Methodism in the Tamworth and Lichfield Circuit which includes specific historical information on LMC and other churches within our Circuit. Click here to read up on the history of Methodism within Tamworth and Lichfield Methodist Circuit.

Thank you for looking at our web pages – we are glad you did and if we can be of help to you, just let us know.       

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