Worship Services

9.00am - Usually a traditional service, with hymns, prayers, readings from the Bible, and a sermon.
This service can be reflective – with opportunities for silence and Reflection  on God’s word. Music is provided on the organ or piano.

10.30am - Apart from the all age service (once a month) this service has an all age beginning, and the children and young people leave after this to go to their own groups – Trailblazers and Seekers. 
The service continues with hymns, songs, prayers, Bible readings and a sermon. It is led by the minister or local preacher appointed for the day, with worship leaders and other members of the congregation being involved as required. Music is provided on the organ, piano, or by the music group – piano, guitar, percussion, woodwind, brass as available. Following the service refreshments are served enabling the Congregation to meet and share together, and for those meeting friends and children to come along and share this time.

All Age worship - Once a month (usually the 3rd Sunday) there is worship for all ages. It is aimed at a level to be accessible to children and young people but suitable for people of any age and at all stages of their Christian
journey. It is interactive and utilizes a variety of presentation styles delivered in short chunks interspersed with well-known hymns and songs. The service seeks to promote and strengthen the link between the church and the young people’s organisations within the church – Trailblazers, Participate, Brownies, Boys Brigade, Youth club and 
Youth fellowship. Music is usually provided by a music group – piano, guitar, percussion, woodwind and brass as available.

6.30pm - Usually a traditional service, with hymns, prayers, readings from the Bible, and a sermon. Music is provided on the organ or piano. Occasionally the Iona service is held at this time (advertised and Shared around the churches in Lichfield).

Iona worship
This is an ecumenical service, guided and prayerful, taken from the Celtic tradition. This worship seeks to be contemporary, making connections with issues which affect everyone, such as poverty, healing, conflict and environment. There are times of quiet, and music, singing and reading, listening and sharing. It is inclusive and interactive, and helps our understanding both of being with God, and being sent by God into our world. There is no preached sermon but rather direction through words, symbol and music to allow the worshipper to connect with God and each other.

Last Sunday of the month – Praise and celebration service. This service is relaxed and informal. A team of worship leaders lead in music and prayers, and an invited preacher speaks. There is opportunity for discussion and active response within the service. The music is provided by a music group – woodwind, guitar, percussion and piano. If you would like more information on this please email LMCpraise@tamworthandlichfieldmethodist.org.uk

Oasis Saturdays monthly 10.00 – 1.00pm - An all age drop in session held once a month on a Saturday morning in 
church while the coffee shop is open. Each session has a topical theme and the church is set out with different areas offering opportunities for anyone of any age to explore faith in a variety of ways. Examples include a quiet area for reflection and prayer and the opportunity to light a candle, an area to chat about where faith sits in current issues, a chance to listen to music and watch some images, try new crafts, make and eat food, and enjoy some puzzles. Food and drinks can be brought in from the coffee shop and you are welcome to stay a moment, or the whole morning; to try all the activities, or just one or two, or even simply to sit quietly with your thoughts. Members of the team are available to talk, pray or be with you if that helps. It is entirely your choice.


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