Youth & Children's Ministry

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Sundays at Lichfield Methodist Church (pre Covid):-

Trailblazers is our name for the children’s work at LMC

Currently our young people are staying in during the 10.00am Sunday morning church service. We have a gazebo area at the rear of church kitted out with comfortable seating where parents/carers can sit with their child if they want to during the service and still be in the service. You can make use of the child (and adult) friendly activities such as colouring, scratch art, activity sheets linked to the lectionary, play dough, books etc. which are changed regularly.  

We invite anyone who wants to be active during worship to use this area no matter what age. 


Participate (alternate Sundays of each month at 4.00 – 5.45pm)

This is a non-denominational group open to any young person aged between 6 and 13 years of age. We play games, watch films, discuss and enjoy creative activities together as we explore and develop our faith.

At 5.30pm we share a meal together to which the youth fellowship are invited, and the 2 groups meet and get to know each other .

Youth Fellowship (YF) (every Sunday evening at 5.30pm (for food)– 7.30pm)

This is a non-denominational group for young people from Year 7 upwards. Young people are welcome to attend both Participate and Youth Fellowship or choose to belong to YF alone. YF is a community of young people who meet to have fun, share their faith and support each other. Their programme is designed by the members and it can include going out to other events for Christian young people and taking part in social activities as well as discussion and games etc.

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