Weddings and Baptisms

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Can the church help us?

If you are planning to get married please contact your preferred Church and Minister responsible for that church, who will be very pleased to talk with you.  There are legal processes and church procedures and the minister will be happy to guide you through them when you make an appointment to see them.

One of us is divorced. Is that OK?

The Methodist Church is generally willing to marry people who have been divorced as long as there are not major pastoral reasons why it would be inappropriate to do so.  Do please talk with the minister about this when you see speak with them or see them.

Does one of us have to be a Methodist?

People wanting to marry in church don't have to be members of the church, but our ministers will want to help you explore where you are on your spiritual journeys and to consider what the marriage service is asking of you in terms of your commitment to each other. Discussing what this means in practice will be part of the marriage preparation.

Baptism and Confirmation

Infant thanksgiving

How do I go about getting myself or my child baptised?

If you are planning to get baptised yourself or to have your child baptised (Christening) please contact the minister of your prefered church, who will be very pleased to talk with you.

According to the Methodist Worship Book, baptism (or Christening) marks entry into the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, of which the Methodist Church is part.

Is there an alternative to baptism for our child?

Some people choose to have an Act of Thanksgiving after the Birth or Adoption of a Child so that their child can choose baptism for themselves when they feel ready.

Do different denominations have different baptisms?

There is one baptism, which is recognised by all the mainstream Churches that baptise infants, including the Methodist Church, the Church of England and the Roman Catholic Church.  In these churches baptism as an infant would normally be followed by confirmation at the point where the person wishes to take on the commitment and responsibility of Christian discipleship for themselves and to play a full part in the life of the Church.

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