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Youth Ministry During Covid-19 lockdown.
Due to Covid restrictions we will continue to  meet online on Sunday afternoon and evenings for games, prayers and bible stuff. If you would like to join us please email the Church office with your contact details – either the email or mobile number of an adult who is responsible for you and we will forward relevant information to you. . Listed below are some of the things we have planned during Advent and Christmas. Check back regularly as more things are added over the coming weeks.


Advent 2020

Advent starts on Sunday 29th November - We all know that Advent and Christmas will be different this year because of the Covid pandemic but we hope it can still be enjoyable. We have come up with a variety of ways to countdown to Christmas through out Advent this year. Check back regularly to see what else we add over the coming weeks.

Bake Off Stained glass star biscuits - Sunday 29th November 2020 - Participate and Youth Fellowship will meet on zoom to make stained glass window star biscuits. If you would like to join us please email  for the zoom link and recipe.

Online Advent Calendar - Starting 1st December - Click here each day to visit our online Advent Calendar to open a new door. Behind each door will be a pdf with part of the Christmas story and a character to print off, cut out and colour to make your own nativity scene.

Journey through Advent in the windows of your home - You can use the characters from your own nativity set, or those from the advent calendar above or check back next week for some colouring posters to display in your windows. (instructions coming soon)

Capturing Advent - As a way to pause and reflect on the journey of advent we invite you to join in along with the whole of our chuch community to take a daily or weekly photo. Each week we will suggest a few words to use as a prompt for your photo; then we invite you to post the picture on Facebook or send into the church office so we can create a collage of our collective journey through Advent:

PosadaOriginating in Hispanic countries to celebrate the nativity story, Posada is a period of time during Advent when figures from the nativity story travel around different households in the community and stay there for one night. We have created two 'Covid secure' Posada sets which we hope will travel around our community during Advent. We hope people will take photos of the family in their home, which we can post on the website, before passing the Posada on to the next family (suitably cleaned and sanitised). Please contact the church office if you would like to host the Posada set for a night . You could invite your freinds to join in with this advent activity. If you don't feel you want to host one of the actual Posada boxes but would like to join in we will be provising an alternative solution - check back next week for alternative resources.

Autumn 2020

Our children and young people up to age 13 are meeting online on Sundays from 4.30pm for about 60 minutes. Our secondary pupils (age 11 upwards) are meeting online on Sundays from 6.30pm. We also join in with the Birmingham district Youth Services - you can watch these here

Bringing the light of God into Halloween

We had fun on zoom on Sunday 25th October pumpkin carving messages of hope and light rather than scary images. Have a look at some of our efforts:-

Adventuring with God at Home

In July the younger members of our church family went adventuring with Noah. We are then picked up  this series starting in September with Moses.

Sunday 22nd November 2020

This is the last part of our story of Moses - Moses sees the promised land but dies before he can set foot in it. With Moses dead, what will the Israelites do next? They will have to make some important decisions and choices on what to do next. We also need to make choices about how we live our lives - do we choose to obey God and commit ourselves to Him?. Click here to get instructions for making a commitment cube. Why not make the cube and roll it each day to see what you can do that day to live your life like God would like you to.

Click the links below for some puzzles and games:

Moses sees the promised land hidden objectWandering the desert spot the difference

We will pick the story up again after Christmas.

Sunday 15th November 2020

The golden Calf - while Moses is up the mountain talking to God the Israelites get worried and think he has left them. They persuade Aaron to make an idol out of their gold bracelets, earrings etc. which he melts down and forms into a golden calf which they start to worship. God is very angry about this but Moses persuades him to give them a second chance - read Exodus 32 onwards to find out what happens including how God gets the israelites to make the Ark of the Covenant so he can come and live with them.

Click here for a spot the difference. Also why not try our challenge - How many words can you make out of the letters in 'Moses and the ten commandments' using them only once in each word.

Sunday 8th November 2020

The next part of our story takes place by and on Mount Sinai - God appears to Moses and gives him the 10 commandments. You can see some of the things we did tonight by clicking on links below:-

Moses and the 10 commandmentsLift the flap 10 commandments; Spot the difference; Hidden object puzzle.

Click here to see where some of these resources came from and to see more things to try.

Sunday 1st November 2020

After crossing the red sea Moses and the Israelites wandered in the wilderness for many years and because, there is very little food growing there, they started moaning to Moses about this. Moses spoke to God and he promised to provide food for them each day. This food appeared each morning as a sort of flaky bread which only lasted one day. We also heard how Moses had to stand with his hands in the air for a very long time . Why not look up the story in Exodus 16 and 17?

Click here for some word puzzles, here for a hidden object puzzle and here for a 'which two are identical' puzzle based on today's stories.

Sunday 18th October2020. 

Crossing the red sea - Today we looked a map of how far Moses and the Israelites travelled after Pharoah let them go and how God guided them with pillars of flame and cloud. We made pillars of flame and cloud from rolled up paper with red tissue paper in the top of one and white tissue in the top of the other. We then folded a piece of blue paper into 3 and stuck brown paper into the central piece so we could use our lego fgures to act out the story of God helping the Israelites cross the Red Sea to escape the Egyptians when Pharoah changed his mind about letting them go.

But God had a plan - watch these videos to learn about God's plan 


Click here for a hidden object puzzle of the Israelites crossing the Red Sea.

Sunday 11th October 2020. Moses goes back to Pharoah and tries again to get him to set the Hebrew slaves free. God sends 10 different plagues to help convince Pharoah. Pharoah keeps saying they can go and then changes his mind until the final plague kills all Egyptian first born sons and animals and Pharoah finally agrees to let them go. But will he keep his word? come back next week to find out.

3 different videos of the story to watch: plagues animation Minecraft

Click here for some plague puzzles and activities

Click here for a word search of the plagues

How to make a very simple origami frog:

Sunday 4th October 2020. Moses goes to Pharoah to ask him to set slaves free. Click here to watch video on how to make a simpe paper pyramid then click here to have some fun decorating it with Egyptian heiroglyphics.

Sunday 20th September 2020: Moses and the burning bush. Click here for a template to make a picture of Moses and the burning bush 

Sunday 13th September 2020: Baby Moses. Click here to see a video of how to make baby Moses and a basket from paper handkerchiefs.


3Generate is the Children and Youth Assembly of the Methodist Church in Britain. Children and young people in Methodism have their own elected youth president and representatives who listen and represent their views in the wider church. Usually 3Generate meets for an exciting weekend in the autumn each year however this year this is not possible so the event has changed to run throughout the year as 3Gen365. We hope that with our young people, we will be able to be involved with this throughout the year.

To find out more about 3Gen365 please click here.

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